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Whether you’re looking to launch workshops to support your clients or community, grow your business, or 
provide training to your staff, Simple Workshop Formula is the key.
This 5-module course has the critical elements you need for success.


Develop a clear plan for your workshop goals.


Network with like-minded peers.


Broaden your network.


Create a rinse-and-repeat method to deliver your custom workshop program.


Get answers to all your questions

Simple Workshop Formula includes 5 Core Training Modules and Workbooks to walk you through each phase of developing your workshop program. The course is 100% online and all of the course videos, audios, training lessons, workbooks, templates, and guides are inside our student portal. 

Here's exactly what we'll cover...


Identifying Your Workshop Goals and Topic

Theme: clarity

You will identify your purpose and set a clear goal.

In Module 1, you will gain complete clarity on the purpose of your workshop and formulate your workshop goals and topic. You will also discover with certainty who your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) is and what problems, questions or challenges your workshop will address.

By the end of this module, you will have a clear vision for your workshop, know who your workshop attendees will be, and understand how your workshop can serve their needs.

module 2

Promoting Your Workshop: How, When & Where

Theme: communication

You will develop a plan to promote your workshop.

In Module 2, you will learn the key strategies for promoting your workshop, starting with the resources, connections and tools you already have.

You will also learn key methods to promote your workshop online and offline to make your event stand out. You'll know what to include on your website, social media, and emails to get more visibility and sign-ups.

By the end of this module, you will have a proven process for reaching more people for a successful event.

module 3

Planning and Outlining Your Workshop Content

Theme: content

You will discover how to share your meaningful message.

In Module 3, you will learn how to outline and structure your workshop using my 10-step workshop planning system. You will develop your agenda, including the objectives, activities, and speaking points. This module is where all the work you've put in so far will all start to come together.

By the end of this module, you will have all of your workshop content and materials outlined and created.

module 4

Hosting a Successful Workshop

Theme: confidence

You will create a plan to ensure your workshop goes smoothly.

In Module 4, you will discover the important steps to prepare for your workshop day. This is all the "behind-the-scenes" logistics that take place leading up to the event and on the day of your workshop before your first attendee arrives.

By the end of this module. you will know exactly what steps to take and how to prepare so that your workshop is a success.

module 5

Implementing Your Workshop Follow-up Plan

Theme: continuity

You will establish a solid follow-up system.

In Module 5, you will learn exactly how to create an effective process to  follow up with workshop registrants and attendees. You will create a plan to keep your community engaged and connected to you.

By the end of this module, you will learn the key steps for following up, when to follow up, as well as who to follow up with to maximize the impact of your workshop program.

You’ll have all the tools and resources to be up and running with a workshop program in no time!

Everything you get with Simple Workshop Formula...

We know you’re short on time — and that’s why Simple Workshop Formula has been carefully structured to get your workshop off the ground quickly and efficiently. 

The structure of the Course was created for busy professionals like you, who want a smart and simple system for creating workshops — without the overwhelm (or chaos) that normally comes from implementing a new program.

5 Professional Development Learning Modules with 14 bite-sized instructional lessons

You’ll be able to work through each weekly module in just a few of hours, including the time to implement what you're learning.

Each module is designed with a step-by-step approach so you have a clear path for taking action.

Short on time? No problem - simply work through each module at your own pace from your office or home.

24/7 Student Support Community and Peer Networking

Never feel stuck and alone again. With enrollment, you automatically gain access to the Student Community with peer-to-peer support and networking.

Connect with other workshop leaders, share your experiences, and learn what others are doing. 

Visit the portal anytime to get feedback, tips and tricks to execute your workshop program with less headache.

3 Implementation Guides to Boost Your Confidence

Your Bonus Implementation Guides will help you to accomplish three very important things critical for workshop success. 

You will have a roadmap for your content plan as you develop your workshop. You will have a clear method for making offers and "pitches" to your audience in a genuine, non-salesy way. You will also gain skills for effective facilitation to form better connections with your audience.

A Closer Look at the Additional 
Guides & Resources

Enroll now and gain access to these 3 implementation resources, FREE!

Guide 1

The Simple Content Plan:

A 4-Part Formula to Build Real Relationships With Your Audience Through Consistent Content

The step-by-step layout of this guide will walk you through 4 key phases for creating content around your workshop. You will learn what content you need to create, when to create it, and how to deliver it to your audience online and offline. This system allows you to increase exposure for your workshop to connect with your community and workshop attendees.


Guide 2

Authentic Workshop Sales:

Know What to Promote and How to Pitch an Offer That Sticks!

This informative guide will help you to create a well thought-out offer for your workshop, and present your offer in a way that will have people interested and eager to learn more about your programs and services.


Guide 3

Facilitation Skill-Building:

5 Techniques for Better Workshops and Training Sessions

This detailed guide outlines the essential facilitation skills needed for success. Grow your confidence in leading groups, training or other sessions with these 5 facilitation techniques.


You’ll Have Support Every Step of the Way

As soon as you enroll, you’ll have access to everything to help you create a successful workshop.





You'll Be on Your Way to Becoming a Successful & Confident Workshop Facilitator

24/7 Learning

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Student Support Group and Peer-to-Peer Networking

This digital course is built with a community focus in mind so you never feel alone. Once enrolled you will have access to the Student Support Group for peer-to-peer networking and feedback.

Lifetime Access

Upon completion of the modules, you will continue to have access to all of the lessons

 and content inside the Student Portal.  You may review the content at any time and chat with your peer 24/7.

course DETAILS

Here’s Everything Included with Your enrollment

We value your commitment and we want you to recognize that your investment is allowing you to access a wealth of training, resources, and tools. You will acquire knowledge and skills that go well beyond the dollar amount of your enrollment fee.

  • 5 Core Modules
  • 5 Downloadable Workbooks
  • 14 Multi-media Lessons
  •  3 Implementation Guides
  • Mobile-optimized Learning Platform
  • Email Support for 90 days.
  • Lifetime Access

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We're so confident that if you put the materials to work, you’ll gain everything needed to run a successful workshop program. Enroll now and implement Module 1. If by the end of 14 days, you don’t feel the lesson material is right for you, you have the right to request a full refund!

With our 14 day “love it or leave it” guarantee, you’ll be granted a full refund if you take and implement Module 1 and decide that Simple Workshop Formula isn't for you. Simply email us and forward your receipt to our support team, and we'll process your refund; no questions asked.

Please note that if you download any of the Implementation Guides or PDF's, you waive your right to a refund as you will have instant, irrevocable access to those materials due to the nature of digital content. 

What You'll Get With Simple Workshop Formula

Upon completion of the course you will have all of the key pieces in place to launch a successful workshop in your community or company.

A clear path to identify your workshop topic and audience.

A fully outlined workshop including topics, takeaways, and materials.

Answers to your most pressing questions about how to promote your workshop.

A method to find venues and partners to host your workshop.

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